Best Random Orbital Sander for Woodworking

If you have an amateur woodshop, then you probably know just how much sanding is required for your projects, which is why you need a good quality orbital sander in your toolbox. Orbital sanders will allow you to make a smooth and even finish to the surface. And because of the random orbital movement of the sander’s head, it will not leave any directional marks on the surface.

The problem with orbital sanders is that most of them are only suitable for one kind of job, so you need to choose wisely. And because there are lots of different varieties you can choose from; you need to do a bit of research. There are hundreds of different products out on the market, and they all have their own specific uses and traits. Orbital sanders come in different sizes, weights, quality, durability, and more. To make your decision easier without any confusion, we provide you with reviews and comparison tables on the best orbital sanders around.

Like, when it comes to electric sanders, you usually need to choose between two types: a belt sander or an orbital sander? If you can only choose one, which would be best for a newbie craftsman’s workshop? For most people, the choice is simple, and that is to use orbital electric sanders. But what is it about them that makes them the better choice?

Moreover, you can check on the internet what sanders are suitable for the jobs that you have in mind; you can also ask the clerks at the hardware store, they usually give great advice on what type you should get. By doing a bit of work beforehand, you can be sure that the sander that you will get in the end will be the best one for your specific needs.

What is the best random orbital sander?

The Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch, is a popular tool for homeowners with the need to remove paint or sand floors or furniture. Its compact size and lightweight of only 3.2 pounds makes it easy to use, maneuver, and store. With its own storage case, this model is a very reasonably priced alternative to some of the more expensive comparable sanders on the market.

This variety is corded and comes with a small dust collecting canister and a sealed switch so that your power switch doesn’t clog with dust. The cord included with the sander is only 6 feet, 5 inches long, so you will probably need an extension cord for larger projects or even just for more comfortable use. There is one 10-pack of paper included with purchase.

The sandpaper is easily installed and removed via a hook and loop system, making it quick and easy to change the paper. Fortunately, this model also works well with several brands of paper, giving you more variety in paper selection. Most owners say that this sander does it all. Paint removal requires a little more time and coarser paper. Furniture refinishing calls for a finer paper but results in beautiful, smooth surfaces without any sander marks. This may actually have more to do with technique than the tool itself.

Some purchasers have said that the dust collecting canister doesn’t work very well, as the dust is very fine and easily escapes the small canister. This model cannot be connected to a shop vac or vacuum, so many prefer to complete projects outside to cut down on dust and dust inhalation. If you have small hands, this model may be difficult to hold. It’s intended to be held directly in your hand without a handle (it doesn’t have one), so you will want to take that into account before you purchase. Fortunately, most owners say that this model doesn’t overheat even after more than an hour of continuous use. Your fingers will be happy to hear that!

Though the product is listed as a 5 amp sander, some customers report it only being a 2 amp. This may affect performance depending on the project. Being that this is a small tool, you probably wouldn’t want to sand your entire house’s floors in one session anyway. The majority of owners are very satisfied with this sander’s power and performance, even on larger projects.

The B&D Random Orbit Sander is applauded for its quiet operation. Those with small projects such as furniture refinishing seem to be extremely pleased with the performance, and many with large projects such as deck sanding are also happy with their results.

Overall, an overwhelming number of users find this a very good tool for a very reasonable price. While this may not be the right product for a full-time carpenter, homeowners with occasional sanding projects have reported very positive results.

What is the difference between an orbital sander and a random orbital sander?

Whether you’re a DIY buff, a home improvement enthusiast, or a novice carpenter, there’s no denying the need for a sander. Offering a wide array of different functions, this common and essential power tool can help you create, renovate, and repair things in and around your home to perfection. 

If you didn’t know already, there are many different kinds of sanders on the market that all are used for different purposes. These include but are not limited to belt sanders, finishing sanders, manual hand sanders, floor sanders, drum sanders, oscillating edge sanders, and of course, orbital sanders. Let’s review the random orbital sander & orbital sander:

  • Random Orbital Sander

A sander is a power tool that runs either on electricity or air and is used for sanding a multitude of different materials and surfaces. The term “random orbital” pertains to the head and disk’s angle of rotation, which can vary depending on how it’s being used. The tool achieves the “random orbit” motion by rotating the sandpaper disk and moving the head in small ellipses at the same time to ensure that no single area of the sandpaper ever passes over the same surface twice. 

When choosing a random orbital sander, it pays to keep in mind that not every sander is created equal. Each model comes with its own set of pros and cons, and it is in understanding these differences that you will be able to determine which one will work best for your needs and preferences.

  • Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders contain pads, which move in a circular motion and thereby creating a random pattern. The fact that they are able to move in random patterns allows the machines to be widely used on any given surface. In addition, they do not cause any risk of scratching the material surfaces, which you are working on. Orbital sanders are some of the easiest power tools to ever use. They can be easily used on various surfaces.

So, if you’re still confused about orbital sander and random orbital sander, then don’t because orbital sanders are called “random orbital sanders” or “random orbit sander.” The “random” prefix comes from the motion that the tool makes when it is sanding. It sands in a “random” orbit.

Therefore, the name random orbital sander doesn’t really mean anything different than the name orbital sander. All three of these names can be used interchangeably.

Bosch random orbital sander

Bosch random orbital sander is well known for its premium quality and efficient results. With Bosch, you will achieve the best results. You can use these random orbital sanders from bosch on various surfaces, e.g., wood, metal, plastic, etc., even you can use them on curved surfaces, and they give a defined and precise pattern. These are suitable for both sanding and polishing surfaces.

  • GEX 34-150 Professional

GEX 34-150 Professional is a powerful random orbit sander having a high removal rate. This has a sanding pad of diameter 150 mm and weighs about 2.1 kg. Also, it works at a constant speed, even on hard surfaces. The speed can be changed according to the material.

  • GET 55-125 Professional

This unique orbital sander is designed to ease your work. The sanding pad has a diameter of 125 mm and gives a defined and smooth texture to the surface. The machine appears to be sleek and has a slim body. It consists of a removable dust extraction shute. Moreover, it is easy to use but try to use both hands when using the turbo mode. It works well with anything from delicate to hard and rough surfaces.

  • GEX 125-1 AE Professional

Now you can sand comfortably in any working position. GEX 125-1 AE Professional is a compact and brilliant machine. It is convenient and user friendly. Also, it has a microfilter system, which is perfect for dust extraction. You can change the speed according to the material you are working on. It works on 240 V and weighs about 1.3 kg.

Bosch ros20vsc random orbital sander

The Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander is a very popular handheld sander amongst professional woodworkers and DIY project lovers. At 3.5 pounds, you can hold it horizontally to work on your tabletop and vertically on your walls without any issue. At a bargained price of about $65, it has become a go-to sander because of the high-quality construction, efficient dust collection system, and great sanding performance.

It features an organic design that reduces fatigue to your hand. While comfort can be quite a subjective issue as it really depends on the size and power of your hands, the standard handle size and textured body grip should be able to provide comfortable handling. The Power switch that is located on the top front side is very accessible. Just like most Bosch sanders, this ROS20VSC model comes in three different speed settings. The slow speed allows you to create a nice polishing effect. When operated at high speed, it removes wood materials efficiently.

The ROS20VSC sander works with any 5-inch and an 8-hole sanding disc, and it is attachable with the hook and loop system. You can simply peel off the current disc and attach a new one without having to use any tool. The cord goes up to eight feet. While it is not the longest cord option on the market, it should be long enough to allow you to move around your wood pieces. It also packs a great horsepower at 2.5 amperes. It has a minimum speed of 7,500 and can reach the optimal sanding speed of 12,000 rpm. The soft start-up setting prevents it from jumping and rolling wildly on the wood upon starting up. It also comes with an easy-to-remove dust container. It is connectible to any 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inch vacuum hoses for a larger sanding job. The dust bag is easily detachable with a twist-off design. The adapter comes together with the purchase.

Many owners complimented the efficient sanding performance of this particular sander. It gives a flawless finish with very minimum swirls marks, gouges, and dips. Plus, it also runs consistently and smoothly on the surface in a uniform orbital movement. The sander is very easy to control. When you first hold it in your hand, you can feel the build quality. The casing is highly durable, and the switch is very responsive. The compact size and lightweight are also some of the strong features. It provides maximum control and comfort. Users have reported small to no vibration when in use. At the maximum speed, it remains stable and can sand rough woods quite aggressively. The integral pad dampening and braking ensure quick control and produce fine finishes.

Another top selling point of the Bosch sander is the dust-free performance. The filter bag does a great job in keeping the dust inside without spewing any to the environment. This is thanks to the proprietary micro-filter system that can trap and keep the dust as small as half-micron inside the bag. The cloth bag also holds well to the port and does not fall off easily.

Best sanding discs for random orbital sander

Most of the sanding discs look the same except for the colors. If a color is the only difference, how could someone differentiate between a good and a best sanding discs? We have tested sand discs of different brands to let you know about the best sanding discs for a random orbital sander.

  • SATC Sanding Disc

This sanding disc has a good adhesive nature and sticks nicely to the random orbital sander, and doesn’t fall off when in use. It provides a good polishing effect and produces a consistent scratch pattern. It polishes and gives a clean surface. Moreover, the sanding disc is made up of aluminum oxide grain and works both for wood and metal.

  • POWERTEC 4D1004A

It is also adhesive having c-weight paper. It gives a uniform and clean finish to the material. It is made up of premium aluminum grain and can be used on different surfaces, e.g., wood, plastic, metal, etc.

  • Workpro

This is made up of high-quality aluminum oxide grain and serves the purpose of durable and anti-clogging surfaces. It gives a smooth and delicate texture to your project. This 5 inches disc is suitable for various surfaces. It is a multi-grit 150 pieces of sandpaper, and each one has eight holes in it. The holes allow the easy discharge of dust.

  • Sand Mine

These 5 inches sanding pads are universal and are compatible with various surfaces. They have eight holes, which allow easy extraction of dust and make grit changes easy. They are sticky and don’t fall when installed. Our set provides you multi grit sandpaper that you can use according to your need. They are made of aluminum oxide and gives a fine and smooth cut.

Different types of random orbital sanders available on the market and include a table with price comparisons.

The orbital sander tool comes in 02 types. The one that most people know of is the handheld random orbit sander. The majority of the time, when people talk about orbital sanders, that is what they are referring to. It’s distinguished by its power operating source. There is the electric orbital sander and the pneumatic (Air) orbital sander.

  • Electric Orbital Sander

The electric orbital sander can either be powered by a battery or by an electrical cord. Most of the time, these tools will be powered by an electrical cord. This is usually favorable so that the battery won’t run out on you.

Electric orbital sanders are great for all different kinds of projects. The cheaper ones are great for DIY projects, while the more expensive ones can handle more heavy-duty uses such as construction and furniture building.

  • Air Orbital Sander

If you have an air compressor, chances are, you are going to want an air orbital sander. These are usually more powerful and don’t require electricity (as a source) to run. Air orbital sanders are generally used for more commercial purposes like in home building and factories. People that buy these orbital sanders are generally more experienced yet professional woodworkers, craftsmen, and carpenters.

  • Orbital Floor Sander

This may not be for woodworking but also comes to serve the industry, so worth mentioning in our types. You may have heard of a floor sander? They are mainly used for refinishing wood floors. Well, there are floor sanders that sand like belt sanders, and there are floor sanders that sand in an orbital motion like the handheld orbital sander. A lot of times, orbital floor sanders are preferred over their competitors because of their orbital motion that leaves no swirl marks and usually always results in a more even sanding job.

Now, when it comes to the pricing of these sanders then due to the availability of different models, the prices may vary as we choose the model from beginners to experts.

The price for orbital sanders varies greatly based on the quality, the type, the brand, and a whole number of other factors. The run of the mill ones will cost you around $30 dollars. These are the low-end of the spectrum, and $30 is really the cheapest you can get an orbital sander anywhere. 

Once you get past this entry price, the cost just rises astronomically from there. The best orbital sander can cost over $100.

If you are just looking to purchase a random orbital sander as a tool for low profile DIY projects and sanding projects, then you can easily get a top-notch one for a great price.

  • For DIY Uses

For under $100, either air-powered or electric powered, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the best ones in this price range are the (Black & Decker).

The majority of the random orbit sanders that you will find under $100 are made more for casual sanding jobs. They generally don’t have as powerful motors, and they generally have fewer features than the ones that are made to be used day in and day out.

However, for the majority of people looking to buy a sander, the $30 – $100 price range will be perfectly fine for what you are looking for.

  • For Commercial Purposes

It is really once you get above $100 that you get into the higher end, higher quality orbital sanders that are used for more commercial purposes like in furniture production and construction. Some of our favorite orbital sanders that are under $500 are the (Bosch) and the (Dewalt). If you are willing to cough up the dough, you will get an incredible orbital sander for the money.

  • For refinishing wood floors

If you are considering buying an orbital floor sander, this is really when you will be spending an arm and a leg for a top-quality floor sander. These can easily get into the thousands of dollars. However, some great ones for the money are the Ingersoll and the Dewalt.

 Electric Orbital SanderAir Orbital Sander
For DIY Uses$30 – $100$54 – $100
For Commercial UsesAbove $250Above $350


For active do-it-yourselfers, a sander proves to be a worthy investment. But because not all sanders are the same, especially when it comes to random orbit sander vs. orbital sander and it pays to understand each factor, feature, and function that makes them unique in order to find the right model for your needs and preferences.
When purchasing an orbital sander, there are important features you should look for. First, you should check the dust collection feature. There are models that have a filter or a bag that is attached to the body of the sander. It, therefore, becomes easy to connect it to a portable vacuum for higher cleaning capacity. This ensures that your sanding is cleaner and less dust is created during the sanding process.
It is necessary for the unit to have a sealed switch that will help keep dust from getting into the switch. Dust is known to cause difficulties when you are switching it on and off. Your sander should be well-balanced and feel comfortable when you hold it. First, you should switch on the sander so as to feel the way it vibrates. It is normal for a machine to vibrate, but excessive vibration will cause fatigue when you are working on larger sanding projects.
If you want a high-end orbital sander, then you should go for one with variable speed. This is important when you are doing sanding on heat-sensitive materials. On the other hand, it is not a practical feature when sanding on wood projects. In addition, you should look for one with a trigger lock that locks power when the machine is not in use.
Make sure to take this buying guide with you when you find yourself in search of the perfect sander to get the best bang for your buck while buying in store.