Best Woodworking Bandsaw

Which bandsaw should I buy? 

A bandsaw cuts curves on surfaces, rips wood along a length or straight line, and re-sawing for thinner furniture parts. Your bandsaw is very dependent on your intended use of traits you prioritize for your work experience. Let’s look at a few bandsaws under different categories.

Best Benchtop: WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw You can rely on this benchtop for all your necessary tasks. It measures 19 x 14.1 x 29 inches and weighs only 40 pounds. The convenient size allows you to operate with ease and get your task done at a convenient height. It caters to all calibres of people, including dwarfs. Whatever you consider, your benchtop height is what this bandsaw will adapt. 

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  • Best Budget: Ryobi BS904G 9″ BANDSAW

This bandsaw has dimensions 31 x 18 x 11 inches and weighs 42.7 pounds. It qualifies as the best budget bandsaw because it provides great service for the money you pay for it. However, the one provided on Amazon was second-hand, explaining why it is within a good budget range. Second-hand goods instantly depreciate in value despite their apt performance. However, this does not demerit the value for money of this bandsaw.

  • Best for Resawing: Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence

This 10-inch bandsaw is compact and well-made with a cutting capacity of 4/5-8″ high by 9-5/8″ wide. It includes a 2″ tall aluminium fence with a front rail with an integral inch scale. It does not make for a great starter saw. It, however, qualifies as the best for re-sawing. 

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  • Best Overall: Grizzly Industrial G0555LX – 14″ 1 HP Deluxe Bandsaw

This classic bandsaw takes the best overall spot. The G0555LX bandsaw has a lot of power to re-saw and does crosscuts on even very thick hardwoods. It includes Rack and opinion guidepost adjustment for the upper blade guides, computer-balanced cast iron wheels, and a sturdy fence design that is T-shaped for more support. If you have this gadget, you are good to go. It covers most, if not all, of the needs.

  • Best Portable: Milwaukee Electric Tool 6242-6 Compact Corded Band Saw

This item is considered the best portable. It has an overall weight capacity of 9.5 lbs. and an overall length of 16″ with a compact, lightweight design. The Milwaukee Electric Tool is an ideal tool for cutting metal in overhead or tight spaces or in-place metal. The bandsaw also features a blade ejection system, a LED work light, and a tool-free adjustable material guide

Who makes the best 14 bandsaw? 

  • Grizzly G0457 Deluxe Bandsaw, 14″

This is the ultimate tool, especially for the worker with a great deal of work on his plate. The Grizzly is a heavy-duty bandsaw with a stand that supports heavier saws and can also work on lighter projects. It has Rack and pinion guide post adjustments for upper blade guides, and to top it all of it is CSA certified, meaning it meets the CSA C22.2 #71.2-10 and UL 987-7th standards making it the best one.

  • JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit (710116K)

The • JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ also makes it close to the top of this list with its excellent quality and dependability to deliver desired cutting results. Among its great features is a stand that increases its reliability and a small window that provides a safe viewing during projects.

  • Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

Laguna tools is a company known for its great track record in the manufacturing of power tools. This tool, in particular, has a great 14-inch re-saw capacity and a 125-inch blade length. Suitable for all kinds of projects, small and large, because of how everything is already well positioned, this easy-to-use bandsaw is a favourite among workers.

  • RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw

The RIKON brand is considered one with great quality power tools. One of their most popular tools is this 14″ power tool. It is powered by a one and three quarter horsepower motor, the perfect motor for the sort of projects it is designed to handle. It also comes with a large table increasing convenience and comfort when working. There is also an easy-to-understand instruction book in the kit.

  • Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw

This efficient piece from the Shop Fox people boasts an aluminium fence and rails that support elegance and amazing looks on top of increasing strength and durability. It comes with a quick-release blade tension that makes it easy for just about anyone to set up. Accurate and precise cuts are almost guaranteed with this tool due to its upper and lower ball bearing blade guides.

  • WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw

This tool is definitely one of WEN’s best and most popular tools. It has the capacity to handle different kinds of tasks. This tool is highly recommended for projects that require uninterrupted involvement and performance because of different tasks within the project.

What is the best 10-inch bandsaw? 

  • Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch

Rikon’s 10-inch bandsaw takes the top place on this list. Unlike other small bandsaws that do not quite have enough power for precision work, the 10 inch Rikon is up for the task. It can handle some heavy-duty cutting, such as re-sawing to precision. It has a cutting capacity of 9-5/8″ width and 4-5/8″ length and a table built of cast iron with a measure of 13-3/4 width and 12-1/2 width. A test was done to see its capacity to handle the heavy stuff. We tried to re-saw full-length sizes of a 4X4 poplar into 1/64 uniformly thick slices along the entire length. It worked excellently. This handsaw is also found at a very affordable price, a bargain considering the work it can handle.

The Rikon handsaw is also used by large bandsaw owners looking to reduce the hassle of changing blades for/ during separate cutting operations. On top of this, it has a two-position secure-looking fence making rip and re-saw setups secure and a breeze to do. 

  • Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw, Includes Fence and Two Blade Speeds

This handsaw is the newer version of the previously stated Rikon 10-3061 handsaw. This model has numerous additional features that make this bandsaw a lot easier to operate. The newer features include; an increase to the cutting capacity; an increase 1/2HP motor, two-blade speeds, quick-release blade tension lever, great blade guides, the cast iron table that tilts 0-45 degrees, adjustable rip fence; dust port for shop vacuum hookup, large blade tension knob, side windows put in to view blade track settings, new storing hanger for the tools and fence, safety paddle on and off switch, a separate steel stand, smaller size ideal for transporting and storage.

The design has also been changed. For example, the door hinges have been made sturdier to avoid breakage and refreshing the look. The upper bandsaw guide and frame assembly have been adjusted to ensure a 5″ consistent maximum cutting height is achievable. The lower bandsaw frame construction has also been improved. All these features make to improve what is already a very efficient tool. There is also an instruction book in the kit, happy to report that this one is very easy to understand, especially for first-timers. The overall improved design, the fit, and finish and the affordable price make this a great product. 

Grizzly bandsaw 

  • Grizzly Industrial G0803Z – 9″ Benchtop Bandsaw

This sturdy and well-built machine has a great cutting performance and a very high power enough to cut heavy wood and overall dense material. It was featured in Top Magazine and awarded Top Value. It has a small footprint and top handle with a weight of fewer than 50 lbs. making the Grizzly G0803Z highly convenient and portable. The handsaw features a 1/3HP motor, 62-inch blade that accepts blades that are up to 3/8 inches wide. It now contains a laser sight adjustable, an adjustable fence for blade and ball bearing blade guides. The rack and pinion table have a tilt system that makes it very easy to cut beveled edges. The blade guard, too, is rack and pinion, making it easy to make adjustments even one-handed. Other features that make this handsaw a breeze to use are its 2-inch dust port, a chip blower, lower wheel brush that prevents the buildup of either dust or pitch on the wheel.

  • Grizzly Industrial G0555LX – 14″ 1 HP Deluxe Bandsaw

This Grizzly classic handsaw boasts of many great features at unbelievably affordable pricing. Perfect for a first-time handsaw purchase. Some of its great powers include how it can cut through very dense materials such as hardwood. The handsaw includes a computer balanced cast iron wheel, precision ground, and smooth cast-iron table, a sturdy T-shape fence designed for easy and fast attachment and removal from rails, rack and pinion guide post adjustments for upper blade guides, and to top it, all of it is CSA certified meaning it meets the CSA C22.2 #71.2-10 and UL 987-7th standards! Most of its other features are similar to the Grizzly Industrial G0555LX. 

  • Grizzly Industrial G0701-19″ 5 HP Ultimate Bandsaw

This Grizzly handsaw model is a new model designed to appeal to the demands of the small shop owners, cabinet makers, and furniture makers with its superior cutting capacity, motorized upper-blade guide control, and a large table. Its key feature, however, is its 19-inch re-saw capacity. More and more today, people are turning to re-sawing as opposed to getting wider boards. This is also a cost-cutting measure. The Grizzly 19inch is undoubtedly very famous mainly because of its re-sawing capacity. The handsaw includes a 5 HP motor that powers through wood at a maximum 19 ½ inch cutting capacity and an 18-3/8 big throat.

Jet bandsaw 

  • JET 18″ 1 HP 1-Phase Wood Vertical Bandsaw

This bandsaw is very popular among professionals needing a dual-purpose vertical bandsaw. It is built to deliver precision results and handle heavy-duty work. The high-quality 1 ¾ HP motor also has features that make it great for use on steel; however, it has a dual-range transmission that makes switching to wood quite easy.

  • JET J-8201K 14″ Vertical Bandsaw (414500)

This product from JET offers all the power needed in a machine and has great power to meet particular specifications. It includes a 14 TPI metal cutting board. It comes at an unbelievably low price for all the functions it has.

  • JET J-8201K 14-Inch 115-Volt Single Phase Vertical Wood Bandsaw

This, too, is an excellent choice for professionals in need of a dual-purpose vertical bandsaw. It is designed to last and offers great quality and precision work. It features a ball-bearing blade guide and a heavy-duty cast iron that can pass through almost any metallic or wooden surfaces, features that are only found in much more expensive tools.

  • JET JWBS-14CS 14″ 1-HP Closed Stand Bandsaw (708115K)

This product is simple, with a straightforward design but powerful features. It is ideal for home shop use and serious hobbyists and DIYers, and craftspeople. It runs quietly and cuts very accurately. Other professionals are big fans of this product too for its width and power.

  • JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit (710116K)

This tool is well known for handling even the toughest of re-sawing jobs measuring up to 12 inches. It is perfect for long-term use. The great quality is one of the reasons this tool is very durable. It has a blade guide that ensures a high degree of accuracy and precision is achieved.

  • JET JWBS-14SFX 14″ Steel-Frame Bandsaw (714400K)

This product is massive, with a large cast-iron table of the workspace area. It is highly functional yet still affordable. The JET JWBS-14SFX 14″ Steel-Frame Bandsaw is sturdy with great power, a hard-to-miss machine in many workspaces.

  • JET JWBS-15, 1.75-HP, 15″ Woodworking Bandsaw (714600)

This sturdy and precise product offers more re-saw capacity, large horsepower, and great throat depth, ideal for heavy-duty projects. It is considered a top re-sawing machine option among professionals.

  • JET JWBS-18-3 3-HP 18″ Bandsaw (714750)

This product is engineered to build and support massive projects. It is sturdy and has an uncanny ability to handle heavy-duty projects without faltering.

What is the best bandsaw for re-sawing? 

  • JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit (710116K)

This product takes the top place for best r-saw product and brand because of its high cutting capacity width of 13.5 inches wide and 12 inches high. It also has a built-in retractable blade guard for versatility.

  • Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

The Laguna company continues to perfect its products. This includes features such as pyramid spine, quick release tension, 1 3/4HP motor ultra-smooth worm gear driven rack. All characteristics of this machine that make it second on our list of top re-sawing brands

  • POWERTEC BS900 9 Inch Benchtop Bandsaw

The Powertech re-sawing tool has nine-spoke precision-balanced cast iron wheels that create a smooth bade travel surface and reduces vibration to a minimum.

  • RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw

This machine’s solid steel design and the large cast iron table of 13 ¾ X 12 ½ inch dimensions, a feature mostly found on larger and more expensive machines, make this Rikon power tool a must has in your shed.

  • Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw

This bandsaw is a small size but includes features found on larger, more expensive bandsaws such as cast iron upper and lower wheels.

  • SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw

This amazing product has a rip fence necessary for straight, accurate cuts and a saw blade that cuts through a variety of different wood materials. Highly effective for re-sawing. It also comes at an unbelievably low price for all these functions.

  • WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw

This tool makes a list for its high cutting capacity that creates up to six-inch-deep and 9 ¾ inch wide cuts. Its blades are 72 inches and are very spacious. Other important features are its ability to operate at two speeds and the 2-year warranty from WEN

What is the best 10-inch band saw? 

  • WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 10″

This 10-inch machine is the perfect one for any workshop. It gives a reminiscent feeling of back when power tools were truly powerful. A joy to use by many workers. It uses a motor of 3.5 amp and has a wide throat of 9 ¾ inches. The dual-speed operation allows for high speeds of either 2620 FPM or 1520 FPM. It has a large and spacious work able measuring 14 X 121/2 inches in dimension. The table has a 0 – 45-degree tilt capacity allowing for precise angular and smooth cuts to be made. In addition to all these features that make the WEN product the best 10-inch machine to use is a flexible light used to light the worktable and make the work simple and efficient. 

This product is ideal for the more creative professionals. Because of the features and blades, this handsaw has, every cutting can be customized with ease, making this a great tool for highly skilled individuals looking for a bandsaw that supports their creativity and handsaw skills. This machine’s price is unbelievably affordable, especially given all the features it has and its functionality and popularity. It is thus found in many work sheds; like all other products produced by WEN, the 10-inch WEN3962comes with a 2-year warranty. Besides, a highly skilled and always available customer service and technician team come with the whole package with online delivery services operating all around the U.S.

All the above features make the WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 10″ machine the best 10-inch bandsaw in the market. It’s easy to use has especially made it loved by young upcoming hobbyists. Many have admitted that no other product by any other brand compares to the prowess of this particular one

Band saw reviews fine woodworking 

Let’s examine different brands and explore their various offers to determine how reliable each is.

  • Jet

The first bandsaw to top the list is the high-end and heavy-duty saw, JWBS-14DXPRO Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit from JET. This bandsaw is huge, weighing about 260 pounds and measuring 29 X 28 X 77 inches. 

  • Laguna

The next best item from a favourite brand for woodworking is the MBAND1412-175 Bandsaw from Laguna. This massive tool weighs about 270 pounds and measures 25 X 18 X 70.25 inches in dimension. The machine is made from a pyramid spine and steel frame construction, making it sturdier.

  • Powertec

The BS900 Band Saw from POWERTECH is a simple, compact, and lightweight machine that is very popular and, more importantly, very affordable. For a simple and basic tool, this is the go-to machine. Its dimensions are 31.1 X 17.7 X 11 inches and weigh just over 43 pounds. A very portable machine. 

  • Rikon

The Rikon brand is well known for its crowd-pleaser bandsaw, the 10-305 10-Inch Bandsaw. This massive tool is definitely one of the most robust ones out there, with a 10-inch-deep throat and steel plate for the frame and cast iron table. These and many more features make it a fine woodworking tool.

  • Shop Fox

In the shop fox brand, the Shop Fox W1706 14 inch Bandsaw tool is a favourite among bandsaw users. Perfect for its features only found on bigger and more expensive machines despite its small size. It is also very portable, a feature that makes it a favourite machine among professionals. 

  • Skil

Skil is a well-known and much-liked brand in the online community, especially its affordability on great quality tools. The 3386-01 Band Saw, in particular, is very popular and affordable. It uses a powerful motor on 2.5 amps. This offers a no-load spfm of 2800. It comes with a table, ribbed alumni, that measures 12 X 11 ¾ sq. inches and offers a tilt of 0-45 degrees. 

  • Grizzly

The grizzly band is well-liked, and the floor-standing grizzly G0555LX is a big part of why. This machine has a great design. It has spectacular features, including computer balanced, cast iron and rubber-tired wheels, cast iron frame and table, and all ball-bearing construction. 

  • Wen

One of the bestselling handsaws online is one from WEN. The WEN 3962-10-inch Band Saw. This machine runs on a powerful 3.5 amps motor. The precision and smoothness it uses to cut through different types of wood and metal are purely excellent.