Best Woodworking Chisels

Who Makes thr Best Woodworking Chisels?

When it comes to the best brands for woodworking chisels, the woodworker is faced with the decision of which type of woodworking chisels to buy and who makes the best tools.

Firstly, you need to decide if you are going to invest in traditional or more modern woodworking chisels. The below-mentioned brands all come highly recommended on eBay, Amazon, and other online platforms.

The list in alphabetical order are:

● Addis Chisels

● Ashley Iles Chisels

● Barr Chisels

● Beaver Chisels

● Blue Spruce Chisels

● Buck Bros. Chisels

● Butcher Chisels

● Dastra Chisels

● Disston Chisels

● D.R. Barton Chisels

● Erik Anton Berg Chisels (also known as E.A. Berg)

● Eskilstuna Chisels

● Freud Chisels

● Greaves Chisels

● Greenlee Chisels

● Harold & Saxon Chisels

● Henry Taylor Chisels

● Herring Chisels

● Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Chisels (also known as H.S.B.)

● Ibbotsons Chisels

● J.B. Addis & Sons Chisels

● James Swan Chisels

● L. & I. J. White Chisels

● Lie-Nielsen Chisels

● Marples / Record Chisels

● Mathieson Chisels

● Narex Richter Chisels (listed as a favorite when it comes to modern chisels)

● Pfeil Chisels

● R. Timmins and Sons Chisels

● Ray Iles Chisels

● Robert Sorby Chisels

● Stanley Chisels (this is the more vintage version of woodworking tools)

● Stormont Chisels

● Stow & Wilcox / Peck, Stowe & Wilcox Chisels

● Swan Chisels

● T.H. Witherby Chisels

● Titan / Stanley Titan Chisels (Tasmania brand)

● Toga Chisels

● Underhill and Peck Chisels

● Veritas PM-V11 Chisels

● Ward Chisels (renamed to Ward & Payne)

● Winsted Edge Tool Works Chisels

With so many different reputable brands to choose from, it is no wonder that the new woodworking enthusiast might feel a bit overwhelmed. However, this list will permit you to compare prices and the various models of the woodworking chisels available.

It is impossible to list all of the brands here as the information will be updated regularly as new brands also manifest on the market.

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Are Freud Chisels any Good?

Freud chisels are a brand that is made in the Mediterranean country of Italy.

Some reviewers on the Sawmill creek chat forum have advised that they have had Freud chisels in their possession before.

Some felt that this manufacturer’s woodworking chisels were of good quality compared to other brands when used at a 30-degree angle. Apparently, they are also known to be good enough to hold an edge.

When scouring through the same thread, it was discovered that Freud chisels also have a long shelf life attached to them. One user purchased them in the 80s and was still using them as late as 2011.

When the experiences of Amazon reviewers are taken into consideration, most reviewers reported that Freud chisels were nicely boxed, and a very affordable price was paid for them.

They are also known for providing excellent control for shearing purposes, slicing cuts, and, more particularly, dovetails.

Freud chisels are synonymous with quality craftsmanship and woodworking chisels and tools that fit the hand palm like a glove. An added bonus is that the woodworking chisels from this brand can be sharpened easily by the user.

There is not much information available on this brand of late; it would appear that the manufacturer does not make chisels anymore. Therefore they can be classed as part of the vintage woodworking chisel range.

One thing is for certain; based on the available information, there is no denying that if you are in the fortunate position of finding a rare gem of woodworking chisels from this manufacturer, you should get them for their durability and design.

This will also be the ideal addition to those that collect woodworking tools from an era gone by. Some features that Freud chisel sets boast are smooth, wooden handles with decal and a crisp, clear retro finish to the tools.

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Are Buck Bros Chisels any Good?

The Davistown Museum has cited that the formation of this brand had its origins as far back as 1853 and was the brainchild of founding fathers Charles, John, and Richard T. Buck, who all appear to be related as well.

Many woodworking enthusiasts, including collectors, advised on the Sawmill Creek website that they believe that Buck Bros do manufacturer quality tools that have a prolonged lifespan, even after regular hard use.

It would appear that Buck Bros are also more known for their retro pieces of tools than their more modern counterparts, based on the opinion of the woodworking community.

Reviewers who have purchased the more modern version are reported to be equally happy with the brand since it has lived up to its reputation from yesteryear. In fact, their 12001030 three-piece chisel set is rated as an Amazon choice – a very prestigious accolade to have.

The Buck Bros woodcarving chisels have been designed with the end in mind that they can be used for a wide variety of common woodworking projects. Their tools are also compatible with both soft and hardwood types.

Their woodworking chisels can be used either by hand, manually, or can be incorporated in the use of a woodworking mallet for a deeper cut into the wood.

This is a proudly USA product and boasts extreme value for money and all of the quality that has been associated with their reputation since the inception of the company. Buck Bros have designed their chisels with professional standards in mind.

This three-piece toolset, in particular, makes for an excellent gift for any avid woodworker in the making. The tools are incredibly sharp and ready for use immediately on projects such as door frames, door locks, and window frames.

What Chisels Does Paul Sellers use?

Paul Sellers, the lifestyle woodworker, reported in a 2014 blog that they recommend that any chisel brand can be used for a woodworker that has just started out in their craft.

For instance, they have purchased chisels from manufacturers such as the Aldi food chain and have reported that they have found them to function equally as well. They did report that they had to reshape the handles and replace the ferrule in order for them to perform as they should.

In their opinion, the brands Veritas and Lie Nielsen are on the same level when comparing them side-by-side. When it comes to second hand used woodworking chisels, they recommend the brands Ward and Maples for their durability and quality craftsmanship.

In terms of UK manufacturers, Paul Sellers recommends the trusty Ashley Iles brand, and also, from a more cost-effective perspective, they recommend the Aldi brand as stated previously. They say that budget-friendly brands such as Aldi are great when you start out as a woodworker, but ultimately you will want a brand that is pleasing to the eye too.

Paul Sellers believes that the more vintage brands such as Sorby, Maples, and Ward’s century-old tools are still of superior quality compared to the more modern brands, and they prefer to use them often for a vast range of woodworking projects.

When it comes to heavy mortise woodworking chisels, Paul Sellers bought a set of different types online from manufacturer Maples. They found that when this chisel is used in conjunction with a Thor hammer, it reduces the time spend on a project and results in the quality that is sought when the project is underway.

When they compared Llidl and Aldi’s brands parallel with each other, they found them to be the same after a test conducted with students in one of their woodworking classes.

Stanley 750 Chisels

Amazon users reported that when using the sweetheart socket range from this manufacturer that they found them to have a nice, firm handle and be well balanced when compared with brands such as LN.

It is said that the sizes of these chisels are somewhat dainty but that they fit perfectly into the palm, making them a dream to use on any woodworking project.

Users have reported benefits such as:

● It boasts a 750 classic design.

● The fact that the handle is crafted from hornbeam wood makes it extremely durable.

● The long-bladed design makes it an ideal choice for professional woodworkers.

● The blade is thin and easy to use.

● It is made from high-carbon steel and has tapered beveled sides.

According to, woodworking enthusiasts were very excited that Stanley had made the decision to reissue their 750 range. It has been cited to be the most sought after bench chisel set in existence today.

Some of the reasons that have added to their popularity levels are factors such as dependable quality and their aesthetically pleasing appearance. Who doesn’t want to work with a product that is not only good looking but also promises high-quality craftsmanship?

The only disadvantage of Stanley’s 750 range of products is their high price when compared to other brands. This is due to the fact that there has been an increased market demand and a tremendous amount of positive press surrounding the brand and product.

For woodcarvers and woodworkers that prefer the option of being able to remove the handles and customizing the chisels for better friction control will be delighted at how seamless this process is with the Stanley 750 range.

Another advantage that is associated with this brand and range is that it has the capability of remaining sharp for a long while, even after regular use with a mallet for heavy-duty work.

Lie-Nielsen Bevel Edge Bench Chisels

The Lie-Nielsen bevel edge bench chisel is based on the Stanley 750 bench chisel range. They are reported to be very comfortable in the hand of the woodworker and provide optimal balance.

Due to their square shape, and long narrow blades, they can seamlessly reach tight areas. Crafted from A2 tool steel, they are then treated and double tempered and finished with hornbeam wood handles that have been Maine-harvested. From an overall length perspective, they are approximately nine inches in length.

This range of bevel edge bench chisels has been cited as being part of the classic range. It is well known amongst woodworkers that the making of socket-based chisels is an uncommon feature in modern times. This is perhaps since these types of chisels are very expensive to make.

The handles on these Lie-Nielsen bevel edge bench chisels are more durable than tang chisels, and when they break or damage, they are relatively easy to replace or have repaired. They provide a comfortable fit to the user and are reported to be very well balanced.

This brand’s chisels have been rated with the Blue Spruce Toolworks chisel range and is cited to be the best western-based chisel on the market today. They are incredibly high in demand, and there might be a long list to try and obtain them. Therefore if they are a gift, then it is advisable to order them at least four months in advance of the date that you require them.

This range of chisels from manufacturer Lie-Nielsen has a vibrant history when it comes to all the design elements involved in crafting the tools. The New England Foundries are found to be responsible for the metal castings. The wood is responsibly sourced from sawyers located in Maine, and in conjunction with the use of CNC tech, they have a robust product in their arsenal of woodworking tools.

Best Chisel Set UK

Generally, chisel sets have been designed with the woodworker in mind. Sometimes homeowners that like to dabble in a bit of DIY around the house can also benefit from owning a set of chisels. Chisels are a tool that can be multi-purposed.

The majority of woodworking chisels are bevel-edged shaped and boats a ground finish of some sort. It is recommended to look for a set of wood chisel that has the following sizes and accessories in one complete kit:

● Six-millimeter chisel

● 12-millimeter chisel

● 18-millimeter chisel

● 25-millimeter chisel

● Carry case

● Sharpening stone

● Blade protectors

● Oil

The five current top-rated woodworking chisel sets according to are:

Ranking OrderProduct NameCustomer Satisfaction Rating
5Stanley 516421 Dynagrip Chisel and Strike Cap Set88%
4Irwin Marples Ms500W S/T B/E Chisel Set90%
3VonHaus 10pc Chisel Set90%
2Draper Expert 88605 8 Piece Wood Chisel Set92%
1Stanley 016130 5002 Bevel Edge Chisel Set92%

Stanley 016130 5002 Bevel Edge Chisel Set

● The whole set has been crafted with soft handles.

● The blades are made from high-carbon steel.

Irwin Marples Ms500W S/T B/E Chisel Set

● All the handles are soft to the touch and are resistant against oil and water.

● The product is crafted from a type of steel that boasts added durability.

VonHaus 10pc Chisel Set

● Each of the chisels in the set comes with a two-year warranty.

● All of the handles are reinforced with rubber and have a metal striking cap at the back for use with a mallet or hammer.

Draper Expert 88605 8 Piece Wood Chisel Set

● Excellent value for money as you get eight different sizes of chisels.

● Each chisel handle is crafted from soft polypropylene material.

Stanley 016130 5002 Bevel Edge Chisel Set

● Each chisel in the set has its own blade guard.

● Each chisel has been heat treated for prolonged shelf life.

Best Japanese Chisels

When it comes to the legendary Japanese chisel, five prominent brands come to mind:


Each and every chisel is 100% hand made using third-generation family secrets by manufacturer Teijiro Ohkubo. Each individual chisel looks like a piece of art after being completed.

These chisels are made from blue steel with a hardness level of Rc66. Every handle is made from sandalwood, lending an aromatic finish.


The chisels produced by this brand are forged from superior white steel. This implies that you will get a quality tool, but at an affordable price that has been contained. Even though this product is widely used, there is not much known about the brand itself.

The year of origin is unclear, but it is said that the manufacturer’s journey started a long time ago by making hard panes that were primarily used to make windows and doors. Later, they branched out to making tools such as chisels.


This has been cited as one of the best Japanese chisel brands due to the value for money feature. These chisels are crafted from steel that is high in quality and has a beautiful, traditionally elegant design element. There are three different types of handles to choose from, namely oak, ebony, or Japanese boxwood.


This Japanese chisel brand is one that always comes highly recommended. It is said to be on the same level as competitor Tasai but at a much more affordable price range. All their chisels are crafted from white steel.


This is a trendy brand of Japanese chisel. It has a hardness factor of Rc65 due to the fact that it is made from wrought iron and a particular type of blue steel that has a high-carbon composition.

This is a tool not only suited to any type of woodworking job, but it is also beautiful in its design.

Veritas Chisels

Veritas has been at the forefront of the world’s best chiseling tools for woodworking purposes since 1978. This proud Canadian manufacturer boasts an arsenal of more than 250 products, of which 100 of them have been patented. All of their woodworking chisels are back by a 12-month warranty after purchase.

Veritas manufacturers the following chisel types:

● Bench chisels

● Butt chisels

● Mortise chisels

Their PM-V11 bench chisels are forged from a proprietary alloy and made right in their own machinery shop on site. This product is available as sold alone chisels or in sets of five or seven.

The butt chisels are made from PM-V11 tool steel and have been crafted with a handle made from Maple wood. This wood is very resilient against chipping, making it a high-quality product to own and a pleasure to operate.

Some highlights and features of their mortise chisels include:

● All the blades are crafted at a consistent width from tip to shoulder.

● The chisel sides are relieved to decrease any sidewall friction.

● The primary bevel can make cuts at a 25-degree angle.

● The secondary bevel can cut at a 35-degree angle for ultimate durability.

● The bevel has been rounded to provide a smooth finish to any woodworking product.

● The tang is prevented from rotating by being flat, and the ferrule has been secured in place by sitting directly on the blade’s shoulder.

● It boasts a beautifully crafted maple handle and sits perfectly in the palm of the woodworker.

● The end has a dome-shaped design element, meaning that it is well protected against chipping.

With all of these amazing highlights and features, it is easy to see why Veritas is so well-known and loved by woodworkers worldwide. You will not be disappointed if you invest in a set of these woodworking chisels.

Narex Richter Chisels

Narex, for short, is a proud manufacturer of bevel chisels. Bevel chisels are a set of long tools that enable the woodworker to carve what is known as dovetails. Narex is a famous revolutionary brand, and their items are quickly sold out for this reason.

All of their bevel edge chisels are made from the highest quality Chrome-Magnesium (Cr-V) steel, representing a very high-quality product in general. It is both hardy and durable with the incorporation of austenite into the manufacturing process and beautifully finished off with a raw wooden handle that has been finished off with a shellac coating. This shellac coating provides the ultimate comfort, grip, and control in the hand of the user.

In commemoration of their centenary celebrations, they have crafted a set and named it after their founder. These woodworking chisels are made with top of the range materials and heat-treated for prolonged shelf life. Narex boasts a five-star rating from many woodcarvers and tool collectors across the world.

The fine grading and a polished finish lend a mirror-like surface with thin blades that permit the tool to reach hard, narrow spaces in woodworking projects. The ferrules protect the European ash wood handles from chipping and splitting, and the leather back makes this chisel compatible with mallet-use.

Amazon reviewers have reported that they are extremely satisfied with the products, despite its expensive pricing structure. Some believe that they feel great in their hands and look great, making them the ultimate woodworking chisel partner for wood projects.

Others have advised that this Czech Republic manufacturer’s woodworking chisels are ready for use straight out of the box. After a few uses when honing is required, it seems to only improve the overall performance of the product by allowing it to make more delicate cuts in the wood.