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How To Build A Shipping Container Home  And What You Need...Live Your Dream...

Imagine you living in your beautiful container home.

Are you ready to build your container home - but you don't know where to start ?  Number One, You need step-by-step guidance from an expert. 

Before you start your container home, you will need to consider:

  • Where to find a surplus of brand new shipping containers where owners will take just about anything to get them off their hands - sometimes even giving them to you for free or PAYING YOU to take them. You shouldn’t pay more than this much for your containers. If anyone is trying to gouge you for more than this number, then look elsewhere!
  • The biggest mistakes new owners make when building their home. And how to avoid it to sidestep years of potential headaches and tens of thousands of dollars.
  • How to find shipping containers in your immediate area while dodging the expensive transportation costs of distant suppliers. And how to negotiate to get them for the lowest price possible.
  • Systems to build your home to stand up to almost any natural disaster - including earthquakes and hurricanes - making container homes one of the safest housing options available.
  • Mistakes 95% of people make when purchasing their shipping containers. And the simple way to bypass them to save you from unnecessary fees.
  • Step by step process for building your home while avoiding nightmare mistakes and wasted money on bad decisions. 

See How following a structed approach to building containers has helped many customers:

“I am thrilled I bought this guide. It was as good as having a professional at my side helping me decide every little part of my home. I strongly suggest this guide to anyone who is considering building a container home”

Brian Kay, 29, Loughborough, UK

“Hi Adam, I just got done with the finishing touches on my house (see pic)! I went with the side by side 40 foot design and I leaned heavily on your advice and suggestions. I would have been walking in the dark were it not for this program! I just want to send you a sincere note of thanks. If you’re ever in the tri state area give me a buzz. Amy and I would love to have you over for dinner! Thanks again!”

David Ristfold, 35, Camden, PA

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If you want to learn more about building your shipping container home:

  • Cheaply
  • Quickly 
  • On Budget

You do not want to embark on this journey without  adequate armed with knowledge. Rather spend a small amount getting information in a consolidated way then making simple mistakes. Remember even if you just learn one thing (but I am sure you will learn many tricks), you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Don't delay and click on this link to learn from someone who has successfully built more than 146 Houses from containers.

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